There are many different schools and branches of counselling and this can feel a bit overwhelming when you are choosing a counsellor, but in all schools, counselling offers a space to express and explore your thoughts and feelings, with a view to gaining new insight and building a better relationship with life.  At the heart of my practice is the understanding that our relationship is a key component for a beneficial experience of therapy.

Counselling is not a substitute to talking to the people we already have in our lives, however often the people that we talk to will have their own opinion about what we should do or have vested interests in our choices, as perhaps friends should. But a counsellor plays a different role, being independent, and is more about helping you to find your way through your dilemmas and circumstances, rather than giving advice and being “the expert”. 

Sometimes it is useful to explore what is happening in the ‘here-and-now’ of the session and sometimes it is helpful to look back and see where a difficulty might have started, perhaps in your earlier life.  I will listen carefully and seek to help understand your situation.  I may offer alternative perspectives, and sometimes challenge.  It is hard to describe exactly what a counselling session is like, so best to try a session and take it from there.